If you are working, what would happen to your monthly income if you suddenly lost your ability to work?

Would you be able to manage without your monthly income?

If you could not pay your mortgage, how long before you lose your home? How would you pay the food bills and which of your home comforts would you lose first? Can you and your family cope with this financial loss?

Income Protection will pay you a monthly, tax-free income if you are signed off work by your GP, and the monthly payment starts after your chosen deferred period.

Case Study

Debbie was involved in a car accident which affected her ability to carry out her daily routine, including working as a full-time Chef.

As the main earner in her household, Debbie’s husband and 2 young children (aged 3 & 5) depend heavily on her monthly wage to pay the mortgage, bills and general household expenses.

Following her car accident, she contacted her insurance company and was offered emotional as well as physical support, including counselling and extra physio sessions. Debbie received 3 months sick pay, and the family had to use their savings for 3 months and the Income Protection policy started paying from then on.

When Debbie was advised to take out Income Protection, she was reluctant and waited over a year before she made her decision. She always felt that she would be making monthly payments for something she would never need.

After many discussions with her husband and Financial Adviser she eventually decided to take out the policy. If she had not made this decision, the family would have lost everything.

In this case, Debbie’s injuries were very severe after the car accident, and she could not carry out the manual duties required as a Chef. However, she did go back to a lower paid role and the Income Protection policy topped up the difference to the amount she had taken out, so the family had not lost anything financially.

It pays to be prepared especially if you don’t have significant savings or ‘rainy day’ funds. Don’t leave additional stress on your plate should the worst happen. Give us a call or drop us an email today to discuss your needs.

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